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Repair Services

So that we can continually improve our assistance to clients, we are adding new repair services to simplify the attachment of pins onto ribbons.

Insignia Bar and Pin

Ribbon Bar Removal - $12.00
Both the Ancestor Bar and the Chapter Bar were originally designed with ribbon bars as a method of attachment when sewn onto ribbons. So that the ribbon bar is not visible, specifically on a multi-row option, the ribbon bar can be removed from the back of an Ancestor Bar or a Chapter Bar to make it more aesthetically pleasing when wearing on a magnetic or padded ribbon.

*Refer to FAQs for additional details in regard to the differences between a bar and a pin.

Convert a Miniature Insignia on Ribbon to a Magnetic Ribbon - $10.00
We are able to take your existing miniature insignia on a ribbon and make it magnetized by adding a metal plate to the inside of the ribbon and providing a badge magnet for the back of the ribbon. The top bar will still be provided as a secondary method to attach the insignia to your garment.

Placing Pins on Ribbon Service and Sewing Service
Hamilton Insignia offers a service to attach pins to your ribbon: to refresh a ribbon or to be placed in proper protocol position. The cost for this service is $10.00 per row; regardless as to whether it is the complementary, magnetic, or padded ribbons.

Add-a-Bar - $60
State Chairman National (eagle) pins can include no more than 6 chairman bars. If a member already owns the pin, they can forward the item to Hamilton Insignia to add bars for each Chairmanship they have served. If a member needs to purchase the pin, the item can be created from scratch with additional bars. Cost: $120 for the pin and $60 for each bar/chairmanship.

This service may take up to 8 weeks or longer since each is custom made for the member.

Heritage Club Trade-In
Heritage Club pins can be exchanged when a member achieves the next donation level. The member needs to pay the price difference between the levels if applicable.

Heritage Club pins are only eligible for trade in pins if they are not engraved. If a member has had their pin already engraved, there will be a $50 stone resetting fee PLUS the difference in price between levels if applicable.

*Please include a note with contact information and instructions when mailing any insignia to the Hamilton Insignia office for repairs or services. If necessary, additional fees may apply. An associate will contact you to discuss pricing before Hamilton Insignia proceeds with a repair or service.

Please add an additional $8.00 for Shipping and Insurance to all repairs or services.

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