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  1. I'm a new member. Where do I begin?

    Most insignia purchases start with the basic insignia pin and ancestor bar attached to a ribbon. The two pins will automatically be mounted on ribbon for you.  Review the C.A.R. Handbook for information on when and how to wear your C.A.R. insignia.

  2. Can pins for service as a Member be worn as a Senior?

    Yes, but please note there is an order for proper placement of all pins on the official ribbon.  Review the C.A.R. Handbook for placement information.




  1. Awaiting Approvals – All orders go directly to awaiting approvals status and remain in this status until we receive approval from the society/societies for all items ordered.

  2. Awaiting Fulfillment – After receiving approvals, orders are moved to this status to show that your order is being processed. Items are being built, engraved, sewn, etc.

  3. Completed – When orders are finalized and ready to ship, they are moved to the completed status.

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