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DAR FAQs  |  C.A.R. FAQs


  1. What is the difference between the mini insignia and the official insignia?

    The mini insignia can not be worn with any other pins. It can only be worn alone on the miniature ribbon. The official insignia is worn on the official ribbon with the ancestor bar, chapter bar and other official DAR pins.

  2. What is the difference between the ancestor pin, ancestor bar and ancestor rider? What is the difference between chapter bar and chapter pin? Ancestor Bar and Pin

    All three ancestor pins are identical in the front. It is the hardware on the back that distinguishes each design. The ancestor rider must be sewn or stitched onto the official ribbon since it only has a ribbon bar. The ancestor bar has both the ribbon bar and pin stem giving you both options. It may be sewn onto the ribbon or you may pin it onto your ribbon. However, for those who do not want to sew it onto a ribbon, the ribbon bar tends to get in the way since it sits at the top and is somewhat visible. That is way we have created a third option, the ancestor pin which only has the pin stem. This is the perfect option for those that will be adding to their ribbon throughout the years as they hold additional offices, volunteer or contribute to funds. Re pinning is the easier option when you need to move your pins to keep within the proper pin placement. The ancestor pin lays beautifully on the magnetic ribbons since it does not have the extra ribbon bar to get in the way.

    Hence the same is true for chapter bar and chapter pin. The chapter bar has both the ribbon bar and pin stem so it can be sewn or pinned. And the chapter pin has only the pin stem eliminating the ribbon bar for those that will only be pinning. This way the chapter pin will lay nicely on your ribbon whether it's magnetic or not.

  3. I'm a new member. Where do I begin?

    Most new members start with the basic insignia which consists of the official insignia, chapter bar, ancestor bar and hidden top bar. The three pins will automatically be mounted on the ribbon for you. You may also start with just the official insignia by purchasing a hidden top bar.

    Reinforced padded or magnetic ribbons are also available for new members. Not only do they provide more flexibility when wearing your insignia, but additionally make it much easier to rearrange your collection, all while keeping pins appropriately placed as to follow the protocol of a society. The padding also reinforces the integrity of the ribbon to provide you years of wear.

  4. What state pins can I order?

    You can order the state of your original ancestor service, all supplemental ancestor service states and your membership state.

  5. What pins come with ribbon?

    When you place your order for the official emblem, chapter bar and ancestor bar, we will automatically mount on ribbon for you. Any additional ribbon can be ordered in 8, 10,12 and 14 inch lengths.

  6. What pins come in 14k gold?

    Most pins are available by special order in 14k gold and some may be customized with gemstones. Please contact us at 1-800-786-5890 to review your options.



  1. I'm a new member. Where do I begin?

    Most insignia purchases start with the basic insignia pin and ancestor bar attached to a ribbon. The two pins will automatically be mounted on ribbon for you.  Review the C.A.R. Handbook for information on when and how to wear your C.A.R. insignia.

  2. Can pins for service as a Member be worn as a Senior?

    Yes, but please note there is an order for proper placement of all pins on the official ribbon.  Review the C.A.R. Handbook for placement information.




  1. Awaiting Approvals – All orders go directly to awaiting approvals status and remain in this status until we receive approval from the society/societies for all items ordered.

  2. Awaiting Fulfillment – After receiving approvals, orders are moved to this status to show that your order is being processed. Items are being built, engraved, sewn, etc.

  3. Completed – When orders are finalized and ready to ship, they are moved to the completed status.

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